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Trusted Grain Traders Since 1997

Sunrise Foods International specializes in the trade of organic and conventional grains. Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, we source high-quality grains from an extensive network of producers and suppliers and seamlessly deliver them to customers worldwide. Our products include cereal grains (for milling) and feed grains (for livestock), as well as oil seeds and pulses, such as lentils and soybeans.

Founded in 1997 and privately owned, Sunrise Foods continues to enhance its presence in the agri-food industry. In 2013, Sunrise Foods International (USA) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary was established. Based in Pender, Nebraska, United States, this office focuses on the purchasing and handling of commodities originating in the United States.

Our Services

Personalized Service

We develop creative, efficient and custom-tailored solutions to satisfy our customers’ and suppliers’ unique requirements – on time and within budget.

Smooth Shipping and Logistics

We arrange for fast, reliable and efficient transport of grain. Annually our logistics team ships over 500,000 metric tonnes of agri-food products both nationally and internationally by truck, rail, vessel, barge and container.

Efficient Grain Processing

Through wholly-owned and third party processing facilities our products are cleaned, sorted and packaged to exact customer specifications.

Quality Assured

Our Certified Organic products are audited and assured from Farmer’s field through end-use. Shipments are guaranteed to meet contract specifications through use of an extensive in-house and third party laboratory network.

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